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How to program your barcode scanners for optimal use with BookTrack

Why should you program your barcode scanner?

Barcode scanners can be programmed to improve their functionality with BookTrack. This custom programming only makes it easier to perform certain tasks in BookTrack involving the scanners, and we highly recommend that you do it, but scanners that are not programmed in this way will most likely still function. Just not optimally as possible becuase you may be required to perform the extra step of pressing the Enter key every time, instead of simply pulling the trigger button on the scanner and having the scanner do it for you.

Even if your scanners have previously been programmed to automatically send Enter/CR (Carriage Return) after each scan, you still need to update your scanner with this new program to add a two second pause between the scanner sending the scanned data and sending the Enter/CR.

So please make sure that your barcode scanners are correctly programmed for use with BookTrack. See Test barcode scanner programming

This is also the primary reason why you may only use scanners approved by We will not support any scanners that are not supplied and/or approved by

Programming different scanner brands

Programming some scanner brands and models is simpler than others and in many cases different scanner brands and models can be programmed using the same methods as they adhere to an industry standard. But it does not apply to all brands.

The list of barcode scanner brands below are the only brands which has ever supplied to any of their customers. Some other models may be programmed using the same steps described, but cannot, and does not, warrant that it will work with other brands of scanners.

Select your barcode scanner brand:

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