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Programming Syble scanners

Programming the Syble barcode scanners is a bit more complex. It’s more complex for several reasons. First, there’s an updater application to run, which Windows does not like because it does not certified by the publisher. For the same reason your antivirus might also not like it. Either way, you need to get this application to run on the computer to program the Syble scanners.

Step 1:

Unplug your Syble barcode scanner from the USB port.

Step 2:

Copy this barcode to a Word document, or some other document, which you can print on an A4 paper, to be scanned by the barcode scanner in the last programming step.

Keep this barcode printout handy before continuing.

Step 3:

Download the SUG0 V8.19 XB 202111100 updater application, which has been zipped for security reasons, to a local folder and unzip the .exe from the zip file. If the file does not want to download, it is possible that your organization’s firewall may be blocking the download. Speak to your firewall administrator or use 4G/5G to bypass the firewall and download it. Then run the SUG0 V8.19 XB 202111100 2055.exe application on the computer. Upon first run, Windows and/or antivirus might alert you to the authenticity of the updater application. Please dismiss the alerts and continue running it. If you’re unsure about what to do, ask your IT administrator to assist you.

The updater application starts up in Chinese, but you can switch it to English by selecting the English UI option. Before running the updater application, please check that your barcode scanner is not plugged into the computer. Upon execution of the updater application the following window will appear. Select the select the English UI option.

Click on the start button; only once.

The application window should now look like this.

Step 4:

The barcode scanner must not be plugged into the computer’s USB socket when you reach this stage and remember to have the printed barcode ready.

Now, pull the trigger button on the barcode scanner and keep on doing so while you plug the scanner into the computer’s USB port. This will trigger the programming of the scanner by the application. You’ll note that the progress of the programming will be indicated as highlighted below.

Once you see the progress indicator, you may now release the trigger button on the scanner. When the scanner’s programming completes, it will start beeping with a continuous double beep (beep-beep) for about 5 seconds indicating that the barcode which you printed on the A4 paper must be scanned. So now press the trigger button on the scanner and scan the barcode. When you hear a chirp sound instead of the beeping sound, it means that the scanner has been programmed successfully. If you don not hear the chirp sound at the end, it means you probably have to try again. But if you’re unsure, before you try programming it again, first test it as described in step 5 below.

Step 5:

Now you must test if the barcode scanner has been correctly programmed. See Test barcode scanner programming

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