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How do I issue books that are still issued to other students

Sometimes you will run into a scenario where a textbook, which you’re trying to issue to a student, is still issued to another student. So these textbooks have not been received back into the store yet, but now you want to issue these books to a student. What happens then?

Fortunately BookTrack has been configured to handle these scenarios.

Lets say you wanted to issue some textbooks to a student called Aiden, but some of these books are still issued to other students.

So to issue textbooks to Aiden, you’ll go to Student Admin and select Issue Books. Then click on Create New, search for Aiden, select Aiden and then start scanning the unique barcode labels for the books you want to issue, but note that the Already Issued list appears at the bottom to indicate to you that the books you’re issuing to Aiden are currently issued to other students.

This Already Issued list will indicate when and to whom the textbooks have been issued. So now you have two choices. You may choose to cancel the transaction, in which case the textbooks will remain issued to the students indicated in the Already Issued list or move the books to Aiden by clicking on either Print or Save. Both Print or Save will save the transaction data and BookTrack will automatically check these books back into their appropriate store and then issue them to the student; in this case, Aiden.

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