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Setup Stores

Stores are used to record the location of books when they have not been issued to Learners or educators

Setting up bookstores

General bookstores

Most schools have only one store, some have two, but some schools have bookstores for each grade

You need to set up a store in BookTrack for each physical location where books will be stored

Go to School Admin and select Stores

Select Create New and enter the store’s name and location. Location could be a classroom number where the books are kept.

Do NOT select Archived

Now select all the grades for which books will be stored in this store. If you have only one store, select all the grades.

Click on Save

Library Store

Even though BookTrack is not an ideal library application (yet), some schools have found it’s functionality adequate for managing their library books also. If you’re planning to do so, then you need to create a store called Library also, but this can be done at a later stage.

Archived stores

The Archived stores are used to keep track of the books that have been lost or stolen or discarded due to condition or age

Create two stores. One store called Lost Books for all the lost and stolen textbooks and the other called something like End-of-Life for all the discarded old books

Select the Archived option for each of these stores. See the selections circled in red in graphic below.

Make sure to select all the grades for each of these stores because any book from any grade can be lost, stolen or discarded.

You should set up at least 2 archived stores

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