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Setup Grades

Grades are used to group learners and educators. Data for Archived grades/groups will not show up in the normal reports

How to configure your school’s grades

General School Grades

Go to School Admin and select Grades

Click on Create New to create a new grade (You have to create a grade for each of the grades in your school)

Type the name of the grade and do NOT select the Archived option

Now click on Save

Repeat this step for each grade your schools has

Educators Grade/Group

Since educators will also be issued with books, create a Grade called Educators or Teachers and do NOT select the Archived option

Archived Grades/Groups

Archived grades are used to place learners and educators, who have either left the school or have matriculated, into

Create at least one Archived group by clicking on Create New

Name this grade Left School and select the Archived option

Click on Save

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