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How to replace damaged barcode labels

Sometimes the barcode label may become so worn or damaged that they become unreadable by barcode scanners, so BookTrack will allow you to replace the damaged barcode label with a new one.

Usually you will still be able to read the numbers on the barcode label with your eyes even though the scanner can no longer scan the barcode. If you can, you will be able to easily replace the damaged barcode label with a new one.

What to do if you can still read the barcode numbers on the damaged label, but can’t read the barcode with a barcode scanner

Write a copy of the number of the damaged barcode label underneath the damaged barcode label in the textbook.

Go to Reports and select Store Inventory.

Now type the number of the damaged barcode label into the search box in BookTrack and click Search.

Once the barcode info is found, click on the Edit link on the right hand side.

Delete the existing barcode number from the Barcode text box.

Stick the new barcode label over the old barcode label in the textbook, if possible, and scan the new barcode into the Barcode text box and click Save.

It will be as if the textbook always had the new unique barcode number.

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