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BookTrack Overview

What is BookTrack?

Saphari BookTrack is an on-line web application which runs in your Windows Edge web browser and works similar to the way that online applications like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter works.

Saphari BookTrack enables school textbook store managers or LTSMs to manage and track the whereabouts of a school’s textbooks and easily create reports for management or the Department of Education.

No expensive hardware or software investments required. Just an annual subscription fee.

BookTrack was created in cooperation with a couple of prominent schools in Gauteng who approached us, desperate for a simple TextBook management solution. In the the end, using BookTrack is probably as simple as you can get, with a very low learning curve. Almost anybody can learn how to use BookTrack within 30 minutes. It’s really that simple.


  • Identify individual textbooks with unique barcodes & barcode scanners
  • Track the whereabouts of these individual textbooks by knowing to whom – student or teacher – the textbooks have been issued, or in which store they are being kept
  • Keep track of the usage, age & condition of textbooks
  • Let students or parents sign for the textbooks received
  • View preconfigured reports
  • Export data to Excel spreadsheets for custom data manipulation and filtering


  • Prevent textbool stock loss or theft, thereby preventing financial loss
  • Assist in planning and maintaining textbook stock levels
  • Make textbook stock reports to the department easy, fast & accurate


  • Desktop or Laptop Computer with Windows 7 or later
  • Latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser installed
  • Stable Internet access
  • Barcode scanner
  • Barcode labels


  • Our default reports give you access to pertinent data in seconds
  • Report data can be sorted for custom views on information

Books per store (partial sample report)

Data processing in a spreadsheet:

  • Almost any of the data can be exported into a spreadsheet
  • The data can then be sorted and filtered to reveal the desired information

Sorting and filtering exported data in Microsoft Excel

Outstanding Books Report & Receiving Books:

Viewing outstanding books & then checking them back into stores is this easy

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